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so i just realized i have been complaining a lot.... i am sorry.I love you guys and I shouldn't be putting all my negative energy on these posts so that if you decide to read it you feel overwhelmed with shit. so now for a nice update:

Schools fun enough that i am seriously going to miss it this summer. people are fun and its nice to be independant from family and crap, not that i wasn't before.

William and I haven't split up like a bunch of people thought we would for some reason so thats cool.

I can see nicks updates now which is pretty awesome! thanks nick.

I got to see family!

I got to see william's family and tigger over the weekend.

I was thinking and I dont have as much to do as i really think i do or something otherwise i would be doing it...silly Laura

umm oh alysha when are you done with school we should have an old fashioned sleepover or something this summer!

I like figuring out classes for college way better than high school because its all choices! yay for choices!

Go good things that keep me from driving me insane! Fuck school! yay people that are cool!


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Apr. 19th, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)
I'm done with classes on the 17th, but finals are until the 23rd. We should so have a sleepover or go to the lakes or something or a lot of things this summer. It will be fun. I have to do homework now.
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