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anyone still use this? HA HA. Any-who just found out for some reason it is NOT blocked at my work, but Facebook and even gmail is. ehh weird. any-who. kind of funny... Thought I would just check out this old favorite social networking site.

Jul. 7th, 2006

I really liked POTC. The ending kinda sucked but it was still a good movie! GO SEE IT! on another note, I totaly don't remeber who paid me for their tickets and who didn't so if you came with me to see it... please help... lol anywho ive gotta go to work now. this was fun updating!
Finals week! Coming home Wednesday!
school=so close to being done! just end already!
so i just realized i have been complaining a lot.... i am sorry.I love you guys and I shouldn't be putting all my negative energy on these posts so that if you decide to read it you feel overwhelmed with shit. so now for a nice update:

Schools fun enough that i am seriously going to miss it this summer. people are fun and its nice to be independant from family and crap, not that i wasn't before.

William and I haven't split up like a bunch of people thought we would for some reason so thats cool.

I can see nicks updates now which is pretty awesome! thanks nick.

I got to see family!

I got to see william's family and tigger over the weekend.

I was thinking and I dont have as much to do as i really think i do or something otherwise i would be doing it...silly Laura

umm oh alysha when are you done with school we should have an old fashioned sleepover or something this summer!

I like figuring out classes for college way better than high school because its all choices! yay for choices!

Go good things that keep me from driving me insane! Fuck school! yay people that are cool!
Ich liebe Deutsch aber ich hasse Deutsch auch! blah.Ich dachte meine papier uber computerspiele gewalt und kinder sollte nur 3 seiten sein.... ja, nein es muss 5 seiten sein und ich weiss nich was ich schreiben sollen. Ich habe nur:

Kinder und jungendlichen sind Gewaltlich. Es ist nur die Wahrheit und jemand wißt es, aber sind Jungentlichen und Kinder mehr heftiger? Meisten denken ja. Es is ein problem und wir mussen die ursache dafür finden. Viele Leuten denken das den Gewalt hangt an der „action“ von Computerspiele und filmen. In Diesem Papier werde ich erklären warum Gewalttätigkeit in den video Spielen und in den Filmen Zunahmen den Gewalt bei kindern und jungendlichen und der Beweis dafür.
Viele Computerspielen gibt punkte um ein mann zu töten. Das ist sehr gewaltig. Wenn ein kind spielt einen computerspiele, sie denkt über den spiel und nicht über was das kind muss machen, aber ihren Unterbewußt weißt alles. Wenn ein Kind spielt, ihren Unterbewußt erinneren sich um der gewalt den Computerspiele.

und es ist schrecklich und ich kann bessere Deutsch schreiben aber ich kann es nicht heute machen. Also ich werde procrastinate.

Apr. 18th, 2006

so i think i might start eating chicken again... i tried some and liked it. what do you all think?
so now im down to 6 mwf classes and 4 TTH classes left. In that time i need to do 2 papers, one a german argumentative essay and the other on the Vietnam War. One pursuasive speech.A test in our musical heritage and get all my stuff packed and ready to go. holy crap thats a lot. well at least i will have finals week to pack stuff too. but yeah. oh and I have a concert band concert and I have to go to a musical event for my last credit of that. wow the concert is gunna suck so much ass. Ok take the worst concert you have ever had(minus the one where sonmore stopped us and started us again) and now multiply that by 20 and thats what we sound like. How FUN! so yeah. Hope everyone is having fun with school and stuff. yay!
ok so I was looking through pics to make new userpics and I found this and thought how hilarious! so this is for you marisa...
so after this week I only have 3 weeks of classes left. SHIT I am not ready to have finals and do final projects or any of that. oh well. At least that means summer is close! :) oh and jobs are close and jobs mean money and that is nice because I am a poor college kid and don't get money for anything. YAY!